Life in the city is tight and rushed. Our schedules are full of plans between work, home, family, and the occasional gym. But there are a few moments during the day that we can absolutely have for ourselves: commuting.


Book Your Commute is an interactive,location-based OOH campaign that connects Audible’s huge e-library with specific real-life moments that happen on our daily commute.


NFC enabled billboards will give out free trial Audiobooks for users by only putting their phones close to it. Those will be placed in subway stations which are related to the plot of the book. Users who make use of the interactive billboards will instantly get a good read on-the-go.

To support the idea we will create limited edition subway tickets which will be sold only in mentioned stations.

Station names will be changed to the title of the book. And floor signs will be created to guide commuters to the prints.

Concepting, prints, copy – Anastasiia Cherniavska

Concepting, case movie – Reinier Wortman