When playing video games, nothing should interrupt the flow so making time to cook is mission impossible.


Order BK food just by changing your clan tag. Burger King in collaboration with the popular Call of Duty Warzone game will create special edition clan tags that represent a particular meal from the BurgerKing Menu.

Since players can buy different “battle passes”, skins and other extras, their credit card is already in the system. So once the clan tag changed, the process goes as quickly as the highest “sensitivity”.

_once feeling hungry just change your clan tag to the one named after one of the meals;

_our team will receive  the notification [your order] and send a push notification to  your game console with payment options;

_payment completed and the player gets the  special code which can be redeemed to get some limited extras in the game shop;

_get your delicious flame hot Whooper in a few game rounds.


After getting the special code, the player can use it for getting exclusive Burger King x Call of Dutyskins, emblems, and calling cards.


We will spread the Burger King clan tags and highlights of the collaboration through channels, where gamers are getting all the news: Twitch, Reddit, Twitter and International Games Magazine.