Censorship sucks. When the radio is your only option for music in the car, you end up losing the best parts of the songs because of the dreaded “bleep”.


Wiith Spotify listen to the music in the car the way it was intended to be heard. To make the message loud and clear for the people who need to hear it most we will launch a radio ad. Using song lyrics censored by the radio, Spotify will create a visual representation (prints and OOH) of the worst thing that can happen to music in the car.


“This edits are the fucking worst, right? Why are we still listening to music this way? Introducing: your Daily Drive.

An uncensored damn good playlist made just for you, by Spotify. With both the music and podcasts you love, the playlist is updated every day, so your drive is always new, even if the streets you pass aren’t. The radio doesn’t stand a fucking chance.

Head to to discover yours today.”

AD – Anastasiia Cherniavska

AD – Rik Nieuwdorp

Copy – Julia Heydemann