Hey, I am Anastasiia.

I love traveling, multitasking, and overthinking. Recently became obsessed with home DIY’s, so if you’re interested in how to make a rugged mirror frame or some crazy dupes – hit me up. Also, love talking about all things dogs at any time. And if my Spotify were a person, it would have multiple personality disorder.

Back to business: I love Ads! There is something magical about brands being able to communicate with people and having the chance to change the world a little bit. And even though there are more and more of do’s and don’ts’ appearing every year, you can still have so much fun working.

As for now, I’m working at BBDO Berlin as a Junior Art Director on such clients: Deutsche Bahn, Mercedes, Horizon fitness, and Bitpanda. Last year I was mainly working on those and on quite some pitching for the new clients.


That was a long text and I’m much more fun in person, so if you’d like, let’s have a chat?


 Here I studied

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Some goodies:

Things I know:



  • Concepting

  • Adobe CC

  • Procreate

  • Cinema 4D

  • Microsoft Office

  • WordPress

  • Social Media Advertising

  • Photography


  • Spark AR

  • Blender