Hey, I am Anastasiia.

I love traveling, multitasking, and overthinking. You can ask me to cook borsch and teach you to drink no-hangover-vodka but can’t expect me to stop whistling when I see dogs or crying when there is a cute scene in the movie. And if my Spotify were a person, it would have multiple personality disorder.

I like Ads! It started at university back in Ukraine, when I realized that learning about ads is not as fun as making them. I believe it’s a bridge between people, with values, and companies on their way to becoming Lovemarks.

And what about you?


Here I studied

Here I worked



Some goodies:

Things I know:



  • Concepting

  • Adobe CC

  • Procreate

  • Cinema 4D

  • Microsoft Office

  • WordPress

  • Social Media Advertising

  • Photography


  • Spark AR

  • Blender