Santa of the day

As we care about making our loved ones happy at Christmas, we put a lot of pressure on finding the perfect big gift to put under the tree.

We don’t realize that the act of gifting is more important than the gift itself. That’s why we created the campaign Giving is The Greatest Gift for Milka.

Let’s amplify the act of giving by turning everyone into the greatest giver of all time.

Imagine if you could become Santa Claus whenever you want by just winking at your phone?

An AR filter will allow consumers to record themselves as Santa to send messages to friends on social media. 


As a continuation of the campaign, we created a digital advent calendar that helps you to give presents to your family and friends.

We split the calendar into bigger activations for advent days and smaller ones for every weekday and Saturday.

24 days, 24 opportunities to give, one place to go: Instagram.

Go on Milka’s feed


Read through the daily task and write who would you like to share a present with. If the present is digital, you can download it in the post description.


Each day at the same time Milka selects winners and asks them to send a DM to get a prize.


Receive a free Milka Product via link. For bigger presents, like influencer boxes or masterclasses, we will plan and agree on the details via further communication.

Creative Directors: Felipe Galiano, Matt Longstaff
Copywriters: Michelle Krahnenfeld, Rafael Quintal
Art Director: Anastasiia Cherniavska, Cheryl Lee

Client: Milka
Agency: Ogilvy
Year: 2023