Giving is The Greatest Gift

As we care about making our loved ones happy at Christmas, we put a lot of pressure on finding the perfect big gift to put under the tree. We don’t realize that the act of gifting is more important than the gift itself. That’s why we created the campaign Giving is The Greatest Gift for Milka.

To illustrate that idea, we came up with a tender story about a lovely boy and his favorite Milka Santa. We follow them living true bonding moments throughout the Christmas season. They are just inseparable, but when the boy sees his sister upset, he knows that the only thing that would cheer her up is the tender act of giving.

K E Y  V I S U A L

Creative Directors: Felipe Galiano, Matt Longstaff
Copywriters: Rafael Quintal
Art Director: Rodrigo Sganzerla, Anastasiia Cherniavska

Client: Milka
Agency: Ogilvy
Year: 2023